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Our Private Tours in Athens, main themes include culture, archaeology, natural monuments. Above all, food and wine tours are the core of the traditional Greek way of living. Avoid usuall tourist traps and have a fresh like a local experience. Athens and Greece offers not just magnificent ancient temples and history but great gastronomical choices.

Combining a food tour with a historical tour is the best option. Have a slow pace tour! Private Tours in Athens, are the best way to learn about the history, the mythology and the lifestyle of the city. Big, crowded tours, with many participants, may seem cheaper but usually you end up dissapointed. Usually you do not get the info you want and you should. A private licensed guide will follow your pace and interests throughout the tour.

Athens beyond Acropolis and Parthenon has beaches, mountains, lakes, wineries and many more that it is not easy to find at any other capital in Europe. It’s central locations also makes possible to visit numerous locations with great historical interest. For example you can have a day tour to Delphi, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Sounio (Temple of Poseidon), Ancient Corinth and many more places.

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